Sunday, June 20, 2010

Off the Path

Well, today I took both my brother + mother to Pa'ina. Seems pretty new to me and I, like most enjoy novelty. It has taken the place of what used to be a Dairy Queen, or something (no big loss, if I do say so myself). The food is certainly in-line with island taste-buds and has a generally healthful overtone (nice). A bit on the expensive side, but I've always found that if the food is healthful and actually tastes good, I'm willing to shell out the extra few bucks. It seems the average meal+drink runs approximately 10$. Seems like a steal to me. And without further ado, the real reason people like food-inclined blogs ; the photos.

A "poke-bowl". They let you pick from several different variables akin to the likes of subway.
Mother got a plate lunch with ahi-tofu patties as the main constituent.
Todd selected this niciose-ahi-salad sandwich with brevity. Probably good to touch upon the layout of the shop, as it is basically a window which you order and receive the food from, accompanied by a series of hi+lo tech menus. Everyone seemed to grow silent as we dug into our respective meals. It's a quick, ostensibly healthy place to grab some quality grinds.

(almost forgot to tell where it is) It's located over in the Ward Warehouse shopping complex, right in the middle. Not necessarily easy to miss.

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